[1] Data Mining Specialization ( 6 courses)

Coursera-University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign

  • Data Visualization

  • Text Retrieval and Search Engines

  • Text Mining and Analytics

  • Pattern Discovery in Data Mining

  • Cluster Analysis in Data Mining

  • Data Mining Project

[2] Data Visualization with Tableau Specialization (5 courses)

Coursera- UC Davis

  • Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau

  • Essential Design Principles for Tableau

  • Visual Analytics with Tableau

  • Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau

  • Data Visualization with Tableau Project

[3] Data Warehousing for Business Intelligence Specialization ( 5 courses)

Coursera-University of Colorado

  • Database Management Essentials

  • Data Warehouse Concepts, Design, and Data Integration

  • Relational Database Support for Data Warehouses

  • Business Intelligence Concepts, Tools, and Applications

  • Design and Build a Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence Implementation

[4] Data Engineering on Google Cloud Platform Specialization


  • Google Cloud Platform Big Data and Machine Learning Fundamentals

  • Leveraging Unstructured Data with Cloud Dataproc on Google Cloud Platform

  • Serverless Data Analysis with Google BigQuery and Cloud Dataflow

  • Serverless Machine Learning with Tensorflow on Google Cloud Platform

  • Building Resilient Streaming Systems on Google Cloud Platform


Online Courses with Certificate

[1] Solar Energy, TU Delft: Delft University of Technology,download

Verify: https://verify.edx.org/cert/32ff1ad5b79343c98744f7554eb5cde5


[2]  Global Sustainable Energy: Past, Present and Future, University of Florida

download (1) [3] Learn To Program: The Fundamentals,University of Torontoimages[4]  Discrete Inference and Learning in Artificial Vision,Ecole Centrale Parisdownload (2)[5] Creative, Serious and Playful Science of Android Apps,University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

images (1)[6] Principles of Written English, part 1,University of California,  Berkeley,download (3)Verify:https://verify.edx.org/cert/a16c92f0bbc649e69d2b23edde4f84e7


[7] Sustainability, Society and YOU,The University of Nottinghamdownload (4)

[8] Introduction to Computer Networking,Stanford University,  images (2)

Verify: https://prod-cert-bucket.s3.amazonaws.com/downloads/d743463991ff471bb8888759c7449126/Certificate.pdf


[9] Principles of Written English, part 2,University of California,                 Barkeley,download (3)Verify: https://verify.edx.org/cert/8f5e3d36d05145f0a0d7d65892f884a2


[10] Information Visualization,Indiana University download (5)[11]  Principles of Written English, part 3,University of California,Berkeley, download (3) Verify: https://verify.edx.org/cert/8acffb1899e3441698425e61992ee289